Green Building

Green building has become a buzz word, but what does it mean to build “green”? Simply put, green building uses environmentally friendly and energy efficient products in a sensible way and creates a healthy place to live or work. Building “green” is not just about replacing traditional materials with “sustainable” materials. A fully integrated green approach is key to both renovations and new home construction. Even the best products may not be cost-effective with improper application or installation.


Green World

“Our commitment to the environment extends beyond the products and procedures we incorporate into our homes, to our business practices and the way our company functions”, Celeste Holloway.

At B & H Builders, we use a thoughtful approach to construction that allows the owner to create a beautiful home that is comfortable for the family and undemanding on the environment. Our employees and trades help eliminate unnecessary waste during construction, consider environmental influences around the project site, and use superior materials that save on energy costs for years to come. B & H Builders has been constructing energy star homes for over 20 years. Value engineering plans, utilizing energy heel trusses, minimizing material waste, and controlling air infiltration are just a few of the standard practices included in our homes.

Creating a Better Future

“The value of most design features like flooring, cabinets, countertops and bath fixtures will become obsolete over time, but the investment in energy efficient features like increased insulation value, low E windows, geothermal, and air quality control will multiply over time,” Tom Bockenstedt.

Whether it’s a new home or an existing home that is going through a remodeling stage, B & H Builders will work with you to incorporate green building techniques to help reduce your energy costs and impact on the environment. We will assist you in determining what products you want to use to achieve a living space that is not only beautiful, but environmentally friendly as well.

Comfortable/Quiet Homes

The energy efficient features of our homes keep out excessive heat, cold and noise, and ensure consistent temperatures between and across rooms – making these homes more comfortable to live in. All B & H homes are designed with a 90/20 temperature differential by a qualified HVAC expert (90° heating/20°cooling); providing the best warranty and lowest operating cost in the industry.

Effective Insulation

Properly installed insulation that meets or exceeds national code requirements helps achieve consistent temperatures throughout the house while using less energy. The result is lower utility costs and a more comfortable home.

High-Performance Windows

Advanced window coatings help keep heat in during winter and out during summer. They also block damaging ultraviolet sunlight that can discolor flooring and furniture.

Tight Construction and Tight Ducts

Attention to detail by sealing all holes, cracks and seams in ducts and construction assemblies helps eliminate drafts, moisture, dust, pests and pollen. This improves comfort and the quality of indoor air, while lowering maintenance costs.