Our Process

Newcomers to the home-building experience may wonder where the process begins and ends, what happens in between, and how a builder combines these steps and builds a home.

In the first meeting between B & H and client, the building process is explained in detail. After this meeting a serious client signs a Professional Services Agreement. The four-page document clearly outlines the general building process.

Sometimes that first meeting is on-site, with plans in hand. Or the clients have no plans but do have a clear vision of the home they want. B & H sizes up the land vs. the intended house.

A preliminary design is set, guided by an architect or designer. Estimates are generated. From these early meetings, job specifications are outlined in a five-or so page list detailing materials to be used in building the home. As the general contractor, and conscientious overseer, B & H is the central driving force behind all work done on a home.

“We would rather be part of all services, instead of being simply, ‘The Builder’,” said Celeste Holloway, the “H” in B & H , and Tom’s better half.

Clients receive regular communication about their home’s progress and are guided through the range of material options.

B & H made the process smooth for Marv and Pat Schuessler. “In the end, Tom told us when he would be finished, and he worked diligently to get us in on schedule,” Pat explained.