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Beautiful Custom Homes in Iowa City

When it comes to new home building in Iowa City, you would be hard-pressed to find more skilled, versatile carpenters than those at B & H Builders. We’re capable of building any architectural style of home to your unique specifications.

How Our Building Process Works at B & H Builders

Newcomers to the home-building experience may wonder where the building process begins and ends, what happens in-between and how a builder combines all of the necessary steps to build a home. As the central driving force behind all work completed on your new home, we’re so much more than just your average builder.

clients reviewing new home blueprints

Step 1: Your Initial Meeting

During your initial meeting with us, we’ll:

  • Explain the basic building process
  • Discuss the vision you have for your home
  • Size up the available land vs. your intended home and make expert building recommendations
  • Discuss your budget and your needs/wants
living spaces custom bed

Step 2: Planning and Estimates

  • Guided by an architect or designer, a preliminary design is created
  • Estimates will be generated
  • Job specifications will be outlined in a list detailing the specific materials to be used in building your home

Step 3: Implementation and Expectations

One of the biggest advantages B & H has to offer our clients is being a start-to-finish contractor for all your needs. Throughout the process:

  • You will receive regular communication from us regarding your home’s progress
  • We will educate you and guide you through the range of available material options for your home
  • We work diligently to keep your new home build on schedule and on budget

Build Your Dream Home